A few tips on how on to manage your stable

The main objective on how to manage your stable is to keep all your horses and livestock healthy and happy environment. When horses are kept inside for long periods of time they can become frustrated, by following these simple steps you can make sure you keep them in the best conditions possible while they are inside your stable.

1.Their Feed

Getting a horses food right plays a huge part in their health, you always need to make sure they are fed the correct amount as in relation to their size they have generally small stomachs, so make sure all the food contains the correct vitamins and nutrients.


One thing not to forget is a horse is just like you, you wouldn’t like to be kept inside all day every day so make sure your horse is regularly exercised, this will keep your horse in good health and improve muscle and circulation around the body.

3.The Build of Your Stable

One of the biggest ways to maintain the health of your horses and livestock has a suitable stable. The main objectives of having an effective, well designed and built stable are it must protect the horse from the weather keeping it warm and dry but still airy so the horse doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Another sign of a well built stable is the drainage ensuring the whole stable is kept dry and clean.

4.Everyone Loves a Good Bed

Getting the bed right in your horses stable is massively important, keep your horse or any livestock warm and comfortable plays a big part in their health and general happiness. A stable bed can be made from a few different materials from wood shaving, cardboard but the most common and the one they love the most is straw. Keeping on top of the bed is a big task as it needs regularly changing and cleaning to maintain the horse’s health.

Stable Extras

There are a few extras and features you can install to maintain your stable a little better things like hanging hay nets and auto-filling water bowls these can make sure your horse or livestock is well fed and watered at all times.

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