What are your payment terms?2019-05-14T12:33:46+00:00

Our payment terms are 50% deposit on order with the balance becoming due on delivery or installation. A full invoice will be issued upon order.

Payment can be made by Credit, debit card, paypal or bank transfer.

Do your prices include VAT?2019-05-14T12:34:48+00:00

Yes all our prices include VAT. A full VAT invoice will be issued upon order.

What vehicle is used for delivery?2018-03-18T08:55:54+00:00

We have a wide variety of vehicles to accommodate different drives, fields etc.

What is the delivery and installation lead time?2019-11-20T13:16:05+00:00

Lead time varies throughout the year. You will be given a installation date on the day you order.


Do you offer a bespoke service?2018-03-18T08:54:55+00:00

Yes, as well as standard units we also offer a bespoke build service.

Does my building require anchoring down?2018-03-18T08:54:28+00:00

Yes, it’s highly important you anchor your building down, as standard on static buildings we anchor to your base using galvanised angle brackets. For mobile buildings we highly recommend you add the ground anchors to your order.

Can the building be mobile?2018-03-18T08:54:01+00:00

Our buildings up to 12ft x 36ft can be made mobile with the addition of timber or galvanised steel skids. We do not recommend anything larger to be mobile.

What base do you recommend?2018-03-18T08:53:32+00:00

Mobile buildings can be placed directly on to grass or a hardcore base. For static buildings we recommend a concrete base with a course of bricks, a brick work plan will be supplied upon order.

Do you offer any other roofing options?2018-03-18T08:53:08+00:00

As standard all buildings are roofed with black onduline. Upgrades available *Roof lining with OSB *Coloured onduline. We also offer a metal box profile roofing option, contact us for details.

What is onduline?2018-03-18T08:52:33+00:00

Onduline is an extremely tough, lightweight, corrugated roofing material manufactured from bitumen saturated organic fibres. It has a 15-year insurance backed water proofing guarantee, withstands wind speeds up to 120mph, it does not rust, rot or become brittle and has high insulation and sound absorbency values.

Is the timber treated?2019-05-22T15:15:46+00:00

Yes, all timbers are Tanalised (pressure treated). Pressure treatment uses a high-pressure tank to force the preservative chemicals deep into the timber, therefore providing a longer lasting treatment against decay.

Finer Stables FAQ’s


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