Ground anchors for mobile field shelters

Mobile field shelters can be moved around, which is useful if the ground is soft and muddy. The Ground bolt low profile, safety anchors are designed specifically for use near cattle, horses etc. and are widely used for both fixed and mobile shelters and stables.

They are fitted by first bolting or screwing the bracket to the building and mobile skids, then the anchor is hammered through the slot in the bracket. The slot prevents the anchor rotating out. (We will do this for you on installations )

In some areas, planning permission is needed for permanent fixed structures, for example, stables and shelters. However using our anchors the shelter can be safe and still be considered to be temporary and therefore outside the planning requirements.

Securing shelters with Low Profile safety anchors.

Firstly the T505 bracket is fixed to the shelter using bolts or large screws, then when the shelter is in position, the anchors are hammered through the slot in the brackets, the anchor will rotate when hammered, cutting a thread in the ground. The slot in the bracket prevents any unwanted rotation. If the shelter needs re-positioning, the anchors are simply unwound, the shelter moved to the new location, then the anchors are again hammered through the slot in the brackets. They can be re-used many, many times.

anchors for field shelters

How to install your ground anchors

1. Fix the T505 bracket using bolts or coach screws

Bracket fitted to shelter

2. Hammer the anchor through the slot in the bracket

Hammerring the anchor through the T505 bracket

The shelter is now secured 

Shelter anchored

The ground anchors are easily removed using a large spanner 

Removing anchor with spanner.

Our ground anchors for mobile field shelters can be ordered with your field shelter and we will fit. Or delivered via courier.