Horse stables design ideas, when designing your stable block there are numerous points to consider.

Here we have some tips to help you along the way.


If you have a choice about the siting of a stable block, your main consideration must be the prevailing wind. The building should have its back to the wind protecting your horses from the elements.
Take into account the availability of electricity and water when deciding on the location, it can be very costly getting services across a field. Site the stables away from overhanging trees,they can damage the foundations and disturb horses in stormy weather.

The Base 

For mobile stables these can go directly on to grass or a hardcore base many people then choose to put rubber matting inside. Static stable blocks will require a concrete base and a single course of engineering bricks. Drainage is also an important factor to consider, the base should slightly slope away from the rear of the stables  to encourage drainage. A concrete base done correctly will often cost as much as the stables if not more.


The layout of a stable block really depends on each persons individual needs and preferences. Imagine your self there and how the building will work for you. Do you need a wash box? What size tack-room ? Consider an extended overhang to protect you and your horses from the elements. It’s always a good idea to visit other yards so you can get other peoples views of the things to consider. Generally for small numbers of stables, most people choose either a straight run, or a small L shape, whereas larger numbers of stables different layouts can be considered. If your new block is to include tack rooms and feed stores, then their position also needs to be considered as well. Horses are social animals, so it’s usually a good idea to position boxes next to each other, with the tack room and feed store at either end of the layout.


Specification varies massively from one company to another, it is highly important to go through all details to ensure you are purchasing the correct product. Get your quotes and compare every different specification, from the roofing right down to the door furniture you deserve the best quality your budget allows. Check what items are standard, what are extras, as horse owners ourselves we feel its better to break the costs down, not everyone wants top doors and windows, some people choose to do the guttering them selves to keep costs down, every individuals needs are different.
Look closely at the companies images and if possible arrange to view a completed project.


This is a very important factor to consider in your stables,there are many options to add extra ventilation. Gable end vents, vented windows are an excellent addition to increase air flow through the stables during the spring/summer months. Check the roofing specifications on the building,the higher the ceiling the better for ventilation and air flow.


Light ,be it natural or powered, is very important especially during the winter months, for those without power solar options are available. Natural light additions would be windows and clear roof light’s.


Things to consider: Would you like talk grills ? Smaller pony doors ? Where will you put your hay-nets or do you prefer mangers? Extra chew strips ? Rubber matting ? CCTV ?

We hope this little guide has helped you when selecting your stable block. Please get in touch if you require any further information, help or advice Contact Us

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