Take a look at this mobile field shelter delivered and installed in Buckinghamshire.

Mobile Field Shelter

This field shelter is 12 x 24ft cladded in our pressure treated shiplap timber.

What are the benefits of Pressure Treated Timber?

  1. Pressure treated timber protects against rot, decay, insect and fungal attack.
  2. Especially durable for outside projects where timber is exposed to the elements and moisture.
  3. Extends the longevity of the timber.
  4. It is an economical choice. Treated timber only costs a little more than untreated timber, so by using the treated version, you are less likely to have to replace it when used in the correct application.
  5. Low maintenance. The treatment protects the timber for many years, but it is also recommended that you retreat the timber from time to time to protect its longevity.
  6. Environmentally friendly and non toxic to animals.

For more details on pressure treated timber https://www.tanalisedtimber.co.uk/Tanalised-Timber/The-treatment-process

Our customer chose to have timber skids, they are constructed from 125mm x 75mm pressure treated timber and come complete with tow eyes. We also offer galvanised steel skids.

Additional extras were also selected to personalise the building to their individual requirements

Gable end vents for added ventilation. Ventilation is important to maintain your horses health.

6ft gates boarded in OSB for added safety. All our gates come complete with galvanised fittings. Your also have the option to choose 4ft,6ft or 8ft gates.

Door surround chew strips to prevent the timbers being damaged by chewing.

Clear roof lights for added light.

Front and rear guttering. The customer chose to add water butts to collect rain water.

Stable Ground anchors

Mobile Field Shelter Rear View

Mobile Field Shelter Customer review

 Really pleased with it ?. Excellent service from Finer Stables – friendly, helpful and efficient and a great quality product. Rachael 

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