Mobile stable delivered and installed Leicestershire


*Standard overhang 950mm
*Framework 100mm x 50mm (4”x2”) pressure treated
*Shiplap cladding 19mm x 125mm pressure treated
*Roof joists 125mm x 50mm P.A.R pressure treated
*Bottom door complete with galvanised furniture including 250mm deep chew strip
*Kick-boards 1.2 high in 11mm OSB

As horse owners ourselves, we strive to achieve a building that meets each individual customers requirements, for example not everyone needs top doors and windows likewise some people may prefer to fit guttering themselves to keep costs down and so on.  For this reason we list these as optional extras for you to choose the correct configuration for you and you suit your budget.

On this mobile stable our client choose the optional upgrades of: 

Galvanised steel skids 

Box profile steel roof in juniper green with an anti condensation lining 

Top stable door 

Door surround chew strips 

Front and rear guttering 

Ground anchors 

Manufactured to order, every building is fully customisable to your  requirements, ensuring you and your animals get the perfect home to suit your routine.

Our great value mobile stables are a perfect way to provide instant stabling in your field or yard.

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