American Barns

American barns are fast becoming one of the most popular stabling solutions. They are practical and offer year round protection from all weathers. Through winter warm and dry and the summer months, shaded and cool.

Our American Barns offer 5 Star luxury for any equestrian yard.

Superior manufacturing , robust and purpose built to suit each individuals requirements.

Benefits of an American Barn

  • Optional grilles in between each stable unit to allow all the horses to see each other.
  • Each stable leads out onto a central walkway in between the stables that then leads to the outside.
  • The whole stabling is undercover.
  • All the horses can see each other and what is going on..
  • High roof and gable end vents to allow for adequate ventilation.
  • Large numbers of horses can be housed all under one roof.
  • The central walkway is wide enough for delivery of shavings, hay and straw etc.
  • Adequate room for storage of hay, feed, tack and rugs


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