12 x 12 Field Shelter Weatherboard Cladding Apex Roof

*Height to eaves 2235mm (Plus skids)
*Height to apex 3100mm (Plus skids)
*Standard overhang 950mm on all apex roofs
*Framework 75mm x 50mm (3”x2”) pressure treated
*Weatherboard cladding 15mm x 125mm pressure treated
*Kickboards inside 1.2 high 11mm OSB
*Roof joists 125mm x 50mm P.A.R pressure treated
*Black onduline
*Galvanised ridge capping

Please see our optional extras to personalize your field shelter.

Opening size is flexible you can choose from 4ft, 6ft, or 8ft left right or central please specify on order your requirements.

Vast range of sizes and designs to choose from Field Shelters from Finer Stables

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All timber used to construct our buildings is pressure treated.

Pressure treated timber is produced by forcing a chemical preservative into the wood. The timber is placed into a pressure treatment tank where the treatment is applied with pressure. This penetrates deep into the timber, which makes the timber more durable, and able to withstand exposure to the elements and moisture. The treatment extends the lifespan of the wood, making it more cost effective in the long run over untreated timber

What are the benefits of Pressure Treated Timber?

  1. Pressure treated timber protects against rot, decay, insect and fungal attack.
  2. Especially durable for outside projects where timber is exposed to the elements and moisture.
  3. Extends the longevity of the timber.
  4. It is an economical choice. Treated timber only costs a little more than untreated timber, so by using the treated version, you are less likely to have to replace it when used in the correct application.
  5. Low maintenance. The treatment protects the timber for many years, but it is also recommended that you retreat the timber from time to time to protect its longevity.
  6. Environmentally friendly and non toxic to animals.

Customer Review, Kim Cartwright 02/11/2023

We’ve just had two more field shelters installed by Finer stables after the excellent service we had back in 2022 for our first field shelter. Despite the awful weather and sodden fields the team have done another amazing job. Very quick and efficient, good value for money. We are based in Buckinghamshire and the team still managed to arrive on time, despite the awful weather. Many thanks. I would not hesitate to use you again Kim x