Mobile Stables & Field Shelters Ground Anchors

We highly recommend you anchor your shelter/stables down

Our mobile stables and field shelters ground anchors are easy to install and remove should you wish to move the building.

They are fitted by first bolting or screwing the bracket to the building and mobile skids, then the anchor is hammered through the slot in the bracket. The slot prevents the anchor rotating out. (We will do this for you on installations )

In some areas, planning permission is needed for permanent fixed structures, for example, stables and shelters, however, using our anchors, the shelter can be safe and still be considered to be temporary and therefore outside the planning requirements.

Low Profile Safety Ground Anchors

Groundbolt Erdanker® range is ideal for securing them, the standard range supports the shelter in both directions vertically. Fitting them is quick and easy, just sledge hammer in the anchors close to the structure, either on the inside or the outside, then when almost at ground level and with the tang in the right position, bolt one of the Erdanker brackets to the anchor and screw or bolt the opposite end of the bracket to the structure and the job is done, the brackets prevent rotation and will support both up and down. An entire shelter can be fixed down, in any weather within minutes and at minimal cost.

Price includes

1 x T505 Bracket

1 x 50 x 780mm Low profile safety anchor

We recommend 4 Anchors one on each corner of your building

Take a look at this blog showing what can happen if you do not anchor down.

Ground anchors on mobile buildings