How do I get water for my horses

Harvesting Rainwater is the most efficient way of collecting water for your Horses or Livestock. The rain falls onto the Field Shelter slanted roof and runs downhill into the gutters, where it flows through the guttering and into specially designed rainwater harvesting water tanks. It is vital that guttering is placed on all areas of the field shelter to maximise the chance of collecting as much water as possible and none is wasted by falling onto the ground.

Simple Above Ground Rainwater Systems

Field Shelter and Stable owners can choose from a range of different Rainwater Harvesting systems. The most simple is to collect rainwater in Water Butts or Water Tanks. These can usually hold from 400 litres to industrial 10,000 litres but we always recommend to our customers going with a 5000L for most field shelters.

Plastic water tanks are widely used in the agricultural industry due to the fact they can withstand the british weather, they can withstand freezing weather conditions upto -20.

One of the biggest problems field shelter owners find with water tanks is colour and light. When water tanks are exposed to high amounts of light, this can cause bacteria to build up inside the tank and the water.

When using Water Butts and Water Tanks you need to take into consideration how you will get the water out. You can use gravity or water pumps depending on electricity. When using gravity feed you must make sure your water tank is high enough to propel the water down.

Rainwater Harvesting Off A Horse Field Shelter