We also manufacture a range of Shetland pony field shelters, suitable for Shetlands and miniatures  We can accommodate any size and build to a roof height to suit your requirements

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As all our field shelters and stables are handmade by ourselves they can all be custom made to suit your requirements.

Shetland Pony Field Shelter


Our stables can be adapted also with smaller stable doors

Shetland Pony Field Shelters

Mobile field shelters are a perfect solution when you require a shelter for your animals to be mobile, they can be easily moved away from muddy areas during the winter months and shaded areas through the summer. Mobile field shelters  are becoming increasingly more popular as a cost effective way of installing a shelter that in most cases will not require planning permission and no ground works are required.

We have to offer an extensive range of field shelters all of which can be made mobile with the addition of our timber of galvanised steel skids.


Timber skids are constructed from 125mm x 75mm pressure treated timbers complete with tow eyes to allow for easy movement.

The galvanised skids are 100mm x 50mm  box section galvanised steel also complete with tow eyes. Beware of cheaper imitations to the galvanised options. Galvanising provides a maintenance free corrosion protection unlike other protective coatings.

Our complete range of buildings are constructed only using  the highest quality pressure treated timbers creating a building that will last from many years to come.

Mobile field shelters are all available to be configured to your exacting requirements you can choose the size of each opening and add any extras you may require to personalise the building such as……

  • Timber skids
  • Galvanized steel skids
  • Overhang lined in your choice of cladding
  • Upgrade to full height kick boards
  • Gable end vents
  • Roof Lights
  • Door surround chew strips
  • Front and rear guttering complete with down pipes
  • Ground anchors, highly important to secure you building and protect from storm damage
  • Timber gates with galvanized fixings