Our optional upgrades explained for static stable blocks , as horse owners ourselves we understand every individual’s requirement’s and budgets differ, therefore we break down the cost so you can pick and choose any upgrades you require without having the expense of  things you do not feel are needed.

Our Optional Upgrades are as follows:

Gable end vents, timber vents in the gable end’s to increase airflow.

Top doors, complete with galvanised fixings.

Door surround chew strips, fully galvanised surrounds for the stable door frame to eradicate chewing.

Front windows, our windows are perspex with a vent above and galvanised grills to prevent chewing. The grills can easily be removed to enable cleaning of the perspex.

Rear windows/top doors, open window in the rear of the stable which can be closed with the top door, ideal to add ventilation and a different view for your horses on nicer days, these come compete with chew surrounds to protect the exposed timber.

Optional Upgrade Rear Opening Windows/Doors

Roof lined, to enhance the longevity of your Onduline roof you can upgrade to have support 11mm boarding underneath, this prevents condensation and also sagging of the Onduline over a period of time.  *We also offer steel and fibre cement roofing systems.

Kick boards, as standard all our stables have 1.2 high 11mm OSB installed complete with top strips to prevent bedding etc falling down in-between the board and cladding.  Upgrades to full height 11mm OSB, 18mm OSB, Ply board and stock boarding are also available.

Lined Overhang, as standard all our apex roofs have a 950mm overhang, you can choose to have this lined in the cladding to match your building rather than it being open, this also creates a small storage area above within the stable.

Extended 1.8m Overhang, our extended 1.8m overhang is extremely popular on our fixed stable blocks.

The extended overhang is complete with the following

  • Underlined to match your buildings cladding.
  • 150mm x 150mm pressure treated support posts. (Upgrade to Oak also available)
  • Curved pressure treated gallow braces.


  • The front of the building is protected from the weather.
  • There is room to tie up outside covered, offering you the ideal solution to keep you and your animals dry during the autumn/winter months and in the shade through the spring/summer months.
  • Equipment outside the stables will stay dry.
  • The ground area will stay relativity dry preventing ice and snow building up.
  • Storage area above the overhang.
  • Lighting can be installed into the overhang offering more external lighting options.

Images below show various layouts with the 1.8m overhang


Talk Grills, Grills fitted within the stable partitions to allow horses to see each other, grills are galvanised and complete with galvanised chew surrounds.

Guttering, guttering is beneficial for many reasons it prevents water ingress on the timber and puddling in front of the building taking most of the rainwater away to downpipes either end, also very handy for rainwater harvesting in a trough or container.

We also stock 12mm & 18mm high quality stable matting which can be fitted with your stables. 

N.B Static stable blocks require a concrete base and single course of bricks we will supply you with a plan to follow.

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