Field shelters with so many to choose from here is our 5 top tips to help you along the way, a little planning before the building begins will ensure that your horse has a safe and comfortable field shelter that you’ll find easy to maintain and enjoy.

          Field shelter with tack room


1: Your Field Shelters Location

If you have a choice about the siting of your field shelters, your main consideration must be the prevailing wind. The field shelter if possible should have its back to the wind protecting your horses from the elements.
Site the field shelters away from overhanging trees,they can damage roof and disturb horses in stormy weather.

2: Your Field Shelters Size

Size is a huge decision when choosing your field shelters, considerations need to be taken to make sure you have adequate room for your horses and all their belongings if you have the room and the budget for a small store add one on now to save future expense. The British Horse Society have recommendations for sizing per horse.

3. Mobile or Static

Do you have planning permission for your field shelters, if not mobile field shelters quite often do not need planning permission as they are movable and not a permanent structure. We do however advise you check with your local planning authority before proceeding.

4: Specification   

Specification varies massively from one company to another, it is highly important to go through all details to ensure you are purchasing the correct product. Get your quotes and compare every different specification you deserve the best quality your budget allows. Check what items are standard, what are extras, as horse owners ourselves we feel its better to break the costs down. For instance some clients choose to do the guttering them selves to keep costs down, every individuals needs are different.

Look closely at the companies images and if possible arrange to view a completed project.

5: Finishing Touches

Most company’s build to order and bespoke options easily achieved. Contact Us  for a quotation or advice.

Think about the size and location of your doorway, for a multiple horse shelter choose a larger opening so there is plenty of room to escape if they fall out.

Decide how you want the building to work for you, do you have a water supply ? Guttering can collect water for you.

Will you ever need to shut your horses into the field shelters if so add a gate which can be pinned back when not in use.

Will you need tie rings or a hay manger ?