Turn Out Paddock Ideas

As we are coming into the colder months people start to question about what are they going to do to keep their horses warm but also in a spacious area. Well why not look into  Turn out paddock ideas?

At Finer Stables we can for for fill your needs whether that is the shelter inside the paddock with guttering or  their ground anchors are several optional extras.

Turn Out Paddock Ideas

In this specfic turn out paddock , the field shelters inside are 12 x 12 shiplap cladding on timber skids.

Skids are highly recommended by the finer stables team as they protect the structure from the elements

The surface area is constructed with membrane, mud control mats and a fibre topping. These products are very beneficial for the horses hooves as its soft and cushiony.  The whole area of  the turn out paddock is 6metres x 10 metres this is a perfect size for any size horse or many even two!

If you are interested in a field shelter for your turn out paddock  Contact Us via email or phone call!

We highly recommend Midlands Horse Arenas for all your groundworks and turn out paddock surfaces.