A frequently asked question by are customers What is Shiplap cladding ?

Shiplap cladding is made from a high density softwood, which has been slow grown and kiln-dried offering stability and strength.

It is thought that shiplap takes its name from the style of cladding long used on ships, whereby the overlapping joints provided an impressive weatherproof solution to being on the open seas.

Characterised by its simple interlocking pieces, shiplap cladding utilises the power of precision cut joints that allow each adjacent board to neatly overlap with the other.

The seal formed from the profile of the wood is one of design ingenuity in that it is both tight enough to provide exceptional protection from the weather elements, such as wind and water, whilst also offering some give, allowing for the expansion and contraction of the wood in changing climates.

The perfect profile choice should you require not only excellent weather protection, but clean smooth lines and a smarter finish for your cladding project. Commonly fitted horizontally, once in place the visually pleasing shadow lines will accentuate the length of your building and offer a uniformed appearance.

Providing the cladding is installed correctly, shiplap offers protection from water penetration, whilst providing an armour against the wind and also offering insulation properties. The slightly looser fit in comparison to tongue and groove can in some cases be beneficial, particularly in changing climates whereby the wood can expand and contract with fluctuating humidity.

There are several environmental benefits to using timber cladding, but it is important to first check whether yours has been responsibly sourced.

We only use the highest quality timber sourced from FSC regulated forests. Constructed using traditional tried and tested methods for optimum strength and durability supplying you the product you deserve at the right price.


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