12 X 18 Field Shelter Apex Roof Shiplap Timber


You have ordered your new field shelter now to decide which way your field shelter should face and where will be the best position. There are many factors to consider that may influence your decision.

Horses and ponies need shelter that is clean and dry, protected from the weather and safe. Field shelters not only provide shelter from the rain and wind, they also provide shade during the summer months for your horses to cool down and also some relief from flies.

One of the most important factors is that you face the field shelter away from the prevailing wind, spend some time researching this. The best way to determine the direction of prevailing winds  is to document the wind direction each day for a period of time. You can do this by setting up a weather vane or standing in the field facing into the wind. Paying attention to wind is the best way to learn the patterns in your area.

Place the field shelter against a hedge if possible as this will also act as a wind break protecting the field shelter further.

Position the shelter so it is well away from gates and fences if possible. This will make cleaning out easier and there will be plenty of room for horses to get in and out freely.

Try not to place the field shelter in an area that floods or gets very wet during the autumn and winter months the most well drained area is better if possible.

If you have decided on a mobile field shelter you have the added benefit that you can move periodically away from the muddy areas. Please do remember when you move your mobile field shelter to anchor back down in its new position.

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