It is highly important to get your horse stables well ventilated. Correct ventilation is a crucial aspect in keeping horses healthy, free from allergies and infectious respiratory diseases, and in minimizing your horse’s exposure to environmental irritants.  Horses typically spend considerably more time in their stables other animals. Plus, they are usually required to perform as athletes and so require a plentiful supply of clean air for optimum health and fitness.

Ways to Improve Air Quality
  1. Horse stables need inlets, vents, or windows where fresh air can enter, complemented by sufficient outlets where warm, stale air can escape. For maximum efficiency, these should be close to the roof to allow air to enter the stables, dip down, and then rise to exit once it becomes warmer.
  2. Ceiling fans and duct systems with particle filters could be installed to help circulate air and reduce respiratory irritants.
  3. Sunlight is a potent killer of a wide range of airborne viruses, bacteria, and parasite eggs and larvae. Well-placed windows and skylights contribute to a light-healthy environment. Skylights should have plastic or UV light translucent safety glass to allow more of the useful UV rays to penetrate.
  4. Hay, grain, and bedding are major sources of mold spores and particles in the barn air. When possible, store hay and bedding in a separate building rather than in the stable area. Consider using bedding other than straw or wood shavings, which are major sources of inhalant matter. Rubber matting or shredded paper dramatically cut down the amount of airborne particles.  Pellets and extruded feeds have lower levels of dust particles than poorer quality feeds.
  5. Muck out your horse stables every day. Otherwise, ammonia fumes and other air pollutants become concentrated and lead to respiratory problems.
Considerations When Selecting Your Horse Stables

Gable end vents, vents within the gable end of your stable block will create added air flow, by letting warm air out so fresh air can move upward.

Vented windows are an excellent addition to increase air flow through the stables during the spring/summer months and can be opened and closed to suit the weather. They will also add natural light.

Check the roofing specifications on the building,the higher the ceiling the better for ventilation and air flow.

Talk grilles on the top portion of  stable walls will enable air to flow throughout the stables more freely than having solid walls from floor to ceiling.

Rear opening windows are a welcome addition allowing you to open up for a maximum through airflow and close when required.

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